Schedule Instagram Posts Free Desktop App Automatically 2019

Just Some Of Our Reviews.

"Easily the best application to post to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  I have used it for the past year and can definitely say it has helped us grow our Instagram account to the number of followers we have today.  I can schedule posts for the entire week and not have to worry about it on a day to day basis.  HIGHLY recommended!"


Phitness Memes - Florida, United States

"So happy I found Lately Social.  Super easy to post from your computer as well as schedule posts for the entire month.  I schedule posts daily to keep my followers engaged.  Definitely has helped grow my followers and likes.  Their customer service is also AMAZING!"


Danny Jacobs - California, United States

"I love Lately Social, as it provides a lot of freedom to create and post on different social platforms. It is very intuitive and has a lot of futures, which makes the posting a lot easier."


Life Push Up - Germany

"What I love about Lately Social... less time consuming to upload on laptop rather than phone, issues quickly resolved by customer service, and it is very user friendly!  I use it post to IG for my business which was a pain to post from my phone!"


Pawznwiggles - Florida, United States

"Lately Social is amazing!  Because of this appliation it is MUCH easier to upload photos, videos, and IG carousels from your computer to Instagram!"


Marketing Kalkulator - Budapest, Hungary

"I love using Lately Social because it saves me a lot of time uploading directly from my computer to Instagram!"


FuFuGut - New York, United States

"Lately Social makes it super easy because of how quickly I can upload posts to my Instagram account!"


Fortnite Bruu - Virginia, United States

"Without a doubt it's an incredible program to post to your social media accounts.  What I like most is you can schedule your posts and not have to worry about posting manually.  I will continue to use it!"


Rui Pedro Balas - Lisbon, Portugal

"I LOVE Lately Social because it allows you to post on Instagram from your computer.  Plus it is very easy to use!"


Antonio Borba Correia - Lisbon, Portugal

"I love the way I can post to more then one social network at once, it's such a time saver and the customer service seems like its instant,  they even follow up with you!  I love the whole idea of this site just what I was looking for so easy to use!"


Marzell - Washington, United States